• Exodus Review – Is Exodus Safe? Features and Security Explained

    Exodus Device Types

    As we briefly noted earlier in this Exodus review, this wallet offers support for three core device types – mobile, desktop, and hardware. Let’s break down each device option so that you can choose the best one for your needs.

    Exodus Desktop Wallet

    If you prefer to keep tabs on your cryptocurrency investments from your desktop computer, Exodus has you covered. This is because the provider offers downloadable software that is compatible with a number of leading operating systems. Not only does this include Windows and Mac, but Linux, too.

    The main downside with the Exodus desktop wallet is that you will only be able to send and receive funds when you have access to your device. On the other hand, there is no reason why you cannot utilize both the mobile and desktop versions of Exodus concurrently.

    Exodus Mobile Wallet

    If you are looking for the perfect blend between convenience and security, it might be worth considering the Exodus mobile app. Put simply, this will allow you to access your cryptocurrency wallet funds while on the move – as it’s simply a case of opening the app and entering your password credentials.

    The Exodus app is available to download free of charge from Google Play and the App Store. Once you have set the wallet up on your phone, you will notice straight away just how user-friendly it is. In terms of sending funds to another person, the Exodus app comes with a handy QR scanning feature. This enables you to scan the receiver’s unique cryptocurrency wallet address – which alleviates the risk of making an error.

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    Exodus Hardware Wallet

    Exodus itself doesn’t offer a hardware wallet. The wallet provider does, however, offer direct integration with Trezor.

    • For those unaware, Trezor is a leading hardware wallet that has been operational since 2014.
    • If you’re holding a significant amount of cryptocurrency funds and seek the most secure way of storing your digital wealth – using a hardware wallet is by far the safest option.
    • Although you can use the Trezor hardware wallet on its own, using it with Exodus is well worth considering.

    This is because Exodus offers a much more user-friendly interface than its Trezor counterpart and more flexibility when it comes to sending and receiving funds. After all, you can access your Exodus wallet funds not only from the hardware device itself but on your mobile phone or desktop computer.

    Exodus Core Features

    So now that we have covered device types, in this section of our Exodus review we are going to explore what core features the Exodus wallet offers.

    Exchange Services

    One of the main features offered by Exodus is its exchange services. In a nutshell, this allows you to swap one digital token with another without needing to leave the wallet interface. This subsequently removes the need to transfer tokens to a centralized exchange to make the swap. The process of exchanging crypto tokens within the Exodus wallet is actually fairly straightforward.

    • First, upon clicking on the ‘Exchange’ button, you will need to select the cryptocurrency that you currently hold and wish to swap for another token.
    • Underneath the ‘Receive’ tax, you then need to select the token that you wish to obtain.
    • For instance, if you want to swap Bitcoin for Ethereum, it’s just a case of selecting the respective tokens from the drop-down box.
    • You will, of course, also need to enter the number of tokens that you want to exchange.
    • In doing so, you will then be told how much of the receiving token you will get.

    Although the exchange process is simple, a major drawback here is the fees involved. In fact, this issue is two-fold. Firstly, our Exodus wallet review found that you are not informed what the specific exchange fee is in percentage terms. Instead, you need to figure this out for yourself by performing a calculation against the current spot price.